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Alaska Legal Holidays

Sec. 44.12.010.  Legal holidays

   (a) The following days are legal holidays:

   (1) the first of January, known as New Year’s Day;

   (2) the third Monday of January, known as Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday as provided in (b) of this section;

   (3) the third Monday in February, known as Presidents’ Day;

   (4) the last Monday of March, known as Seward’s Day;

   (5) the last Monday in May, known as Memorial Day;

   (6) the fourth of July, known as Independence Day;

   (7) the first Monday in September, known as Labor Day;

   (8) the 18th of October, known as Alaska Day;

   (9) the 11th of November, known as Veterans’ Day;

   (10) the fourth Thursday in November, known as Thanksgiving Day;

   (11) the 25th of December, known as Christmas Day;

   (12) every Sunday;

   (13) every day designated by public proclamation by the President of the United States or the governor of the state as a legal holiday.

(b) For employment purposes, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday is a legal holiday for state employees who

   (1) are not covered by a collective bargaining agreement; or

   (2) are covered by a collective bargaining agreement whose terms

      (A) include by name Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday; or

      (B) have been amended to substitute a holiday on the third Monday of January for Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday in place of another paid holiday.

Alaska Stat. § 44.12.010

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