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Delaware Legal Holidays

§ 501. Designation

   (a) The following days shall be legal holidays in this State: The 1st of January, known as New Year’s Day; the third Monday in January, known as Martin Luther King, Jr. Day; Good Friday; the 4th of July, known as Independence Day; the first Monday in September, known as Labor Day; the eleventh day of November, known as Veterans’ Day; the fourth Thursday in November, known as Thanksgiving Day; the Friday following Thanksgiving Day; the 25th of December, known as Christmas; Saturdays; the day of the General Election as it biennially occurs; and in Sussex County, Return Day, the second day after the General Election, after 12:00 Noon.
   If any of the legal holidays fall on Sunday, the Monday following shall be a legal holiday. If any of the legal holidays other than Saturday fall on Saturday, the Friday preceding shall be a legal holiday.

(b) The last Monday in May shall be the legal holiday, known as Memorial Day, in the State.

(c) Veteran’s Day shall be a legal holiday for all public school students and the employees of public school districts and charter schools. If Veteran’s Day falls on a Sunday, the following Monday shall be a legal holiday. If Veteran’s Day falls on a Saturday, the preceding Friday shall be a legal holiday.

1 Del. C. § 501

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