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Idaho Legal Holidays

§ 73-108. Holidays enumerated

   Holidays, within the meaning of these compiled laws, are:
   Every Sunday;
   January 1 (New Year’s Day);
   Third Monday in January (Martin Luther King, Jr.-Idaho Human Rights Day);
   Third Monday in February (Washington’s Birthday);
   Last Monday in May (Memorial Day);
   July 4 (Independence Day);
   First Monday in September (Labor Day);
   Second Monday in October (Columbus Day);
   November 11 (Veterans Day);
   Fourth Thursday in November (Thanksgiving Day);
   December 25 (Christmas);
   Every day appointed by the President of the United States, or by the governor of this state, for a public fast, thanksgiving, or holiday.
   Any legal holiday that falls on Saturday, the preceding Friday shall be a holiday and any legal holiday enumerated herein other than Sunday that falls on Sunday, the following Monday shall be a holiday.

Idaho Code § 73-108

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