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Maine Legal Holidays

§ 1051.  Legal holidays

   No court may be held on Sunday or any day designated for the annual Thanksgiving; New Year’s Day, January 1st; Martin Luther King, Jr., Day, the 3rd Monday in January; Washington’s Birthday, the 3rd Monday in February; Patriot’s Day, the 3rd Monday in April; Memorial Day, the last Monday in May, but if the Federal Government designates May 30th as the date for observance of Memorial Day, the 30th of May; the 4th of July; Labor Day, the first Monday of September; Columbus Day, the 2nd Monday in October; Veterans’ Day, November 11th; or on Christmas Day. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court may order that court be held on a legal holiday when he finds that the interests of justice and judicial economy in any particular case will be served. The public offices in county buildings may be closed to business on the holidays named in this section. When any one of the holidays named in this section falls on Sunday, the Monday following shall be observed as a holiday, with all the privileges applying to any of the days named in this section.

4 M.R.S. § 1051

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