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Pennsylvania Legal Holidays

§ 113.  Legal holidays

   (a) FIXED HOLIDAYS– An institution shall observe as a legal holiday:
   (i) New Year’s Day (January 1);
   (i.1) Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (the third Monday in January);
   (ii) Memorial Day (the last Monday in May);
   (iii) Independence Day (July 4);
   (iv) Labor Day (the first Monday in September);
   (v) Thanksgiving Day (the fourth Thursday in November);
   (vi) Christmas Day (December 25);
   (vii) each Sunday, except for such activities or conduct of business at
   such locations as the bank may elect;
   (viii) each Monday following an Independence Day, a Christmas Day or
   New Year’s Day which occurs on a Sunday; and
   (ix) each day specifically appointed by the President of the United
   States or the Governor of the Commonwealth as a legal holiday or as a
   bank holiday.
   (b) OPTIONAL HOLIDAYS– An institution may at its option observe as a legal holiday:
   (i) Lincoln’s Birthday (February 12);
   (ii) Washington’s Birthday (the third Monday in February);
   (iii) Good Friday;
   (iv) Flag Day (June 14);
   (v) Columbus Day (the second Monday in October);
   (vi) Election Day (the first Tuesday after the first Monday in
   (vii) Veterans’ Day (November 11);
   (viii) each Saturday either as a half-holiday after 12 o’clock noon or
   as a full holiday;
   (ix) each Monday following an Independence Day, a Christmas Day or New
   Year’s Day which occurs on a Saturday; and
   (x) each day which the department permits all institutions by public
   announcement, or an individual institution by written permission, to
   observe as a legal holiday.
   (c) GEOGRAPHIC VARIATIONS– In designating a permissive optional holiday under subsection (b), the department may limit the designation to particular geographic areas based on political subdivisions, banking classifications such as Federal Reserve districts or otherwise. An institution may observe any optional holiday at one or more, but fewer than all, of its offices.
   (d) EFFECT OF SECTION– This effect of a legal holiday under this section shall be that provided by law but this section shall supersede other law as to the determination of days that are legal holidays for banking institutions.
   (e) NATIONAL BANKS– This section shall apply to offices of national banks located in Pennsylvania except to the extent that Federal law specifically provides otherwise.

7 P.S. § 113

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