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Texas Legal Holidays

§ 662.003. Dates and Descriptions of Holidays

   (a) A national holiday includes only the following days:

(1) the first day of January, “New Year’s Day”;

(2) the third Monday in January, “Martin Luther King, Jr., Day” in observance of the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.;

(3) the third Monday in February, “Presidents’ Day”;

(4) the last Monday in May, “Memorial Day”;

(5) the fourth day of July, “Independence Day”;

(6) the first Monday in September, “Labor Day”;

(7) the 11th day of November, “Veterans Day,” dedicated to the cause of world peace and to honoring the veterans of all wars in which Texans and other Americans have fought;

(8) the fourth Thursday in November, “Thanksgiving Day”; and

(9) the 25th day of December, “Christmas Day.”

(b) A state holiday includes only the following days:

(1) the 19th day of January, “Confederate Heroes Day,” in honor of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and other Confederate heroes;

(2) the second day of March, “Texas Independence Day”;

(3) the 21st day of April, “San Jacinto Day”;

(4) the 19th day of June, “Emancipation Day in Texas,” in honor of the emancipation of the slaves in Texas in 1865;

(5) the 27th day of August, “Lyndon Baines Johnson Day,” in observance of the birthday of Lyndon Baines Johnson;

(6) the Friday after Thanksgiving Day;

(7) the 24th day of December; and

(8) the 26th day of December.

(c) An “optional holiday” includes only the days on which Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, or Good Friday falls.

Tex. Gov’t Code § 662.003

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