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Utah Legal Holidays

§ 63G-1-301.  Legal holidays — Personal preference day — Governor authorized to declare additional days

   (1) (a) The following-named days are legal holidays in this state:

      (i) every Sunday;

      (ii) January 1, called New Year’s Day;

      (iii) the third Monday of January, called Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day;

      (iv) the third Monday of February, called Washington and Lincoln Day;

      (v) the last Monday of May, called Memorial Day;

      (vi) July 4, called Independence Day;

      (vii) July 24, called Pioneer Day;

      (viii) the first Monday of September, called Labor Day;

      (ix) the second Monday of October, called Columbus Day;

      (x) November 11, called Veterans’ Day;

      (xi) the fourth Thursday of November, called Thanksgiving Day;

      (xii) December 25, called Christmas; and

      (xiii) all days which may be set apart by the President of the United States, or the governor of this state by proclamation as days of fast or thanksgiving.

   (b) If any of the holidays under Subsection (1)(a), except the first mentioned, namely Sunday, falls on Sunday, then the following Monday shall be the holiday.

   (c) If any of the holidays under Subsection (1)(a) falls on Saturday the preceding Friday shall be the holiday.

   (d) Each employee may select one additional day, called Personal Preference Day, to be scheduled pursuant to rules adopted by the Department of Human Resource Management.

(2) (a) Whenever in the governor’s opinion extraordinary conditions exist justifying the action, the governor may:

      (i) declare, by proclamation, legal holidays in addition to those holidays under Subsection (1); and

      (ii) limit the holidays to certain classes of business and activities to be designated by the governor.

   (b) A holiday may not extend for a longer period than 60 consecutive days.

   (c) Any holiday may be renewed for one or more periods not exceeding 30 days each as the governor may consider necessary, and any holiday may, by like proclamation, be terminated before the expiration of the period for which it was declared.

Utah Code Ann. § 63G-1-301

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