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Vermont Legal Holidays

§ 371. Legal holidays

   (a) The following shall be legal holidays:
      New Year’s Day, January 1;
      Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday, the third Monday in January;
      Lincoln’s Birthday, February 12;
      Washington’s Birthday, the third Monday in February;
      Town meeting day, the first Tuesday in March;
      Memorial Day, the last Monday in May;
      Independence Day, July 4;
      Bennington Battle Day, August 16;
      Labor Day, the first Monday in September;
      Columbus Day, the second Monday in October;
      Veterans’ Day, November 11;
      Thanksgiving Day, the fourth Thursday in November;
      Christmas Day, December 25.

(b) All state departments, agencies and offices shall observe any legal holiday which falls on a Saturday on the preceding Friday and any legal holiday which falls on a Sunday on the following Monday; however, all other conditions of employment related to legal holidays, including but not limited to decisions such as the closing or opening of state offices and compensation for work performed on such a day, shall be proper matters for collective bargaining pursuant to section 904 of Title 3.

(c) The provisions of this section shall not affect any collective bargaining agreement in existence on the effective date hereof.

1 V.S.A. § 371

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